Some Informations about dusseldorf

The city of Dusseldorf, capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, located in the metropolitan region Rhine Ruhr. The nearly 600,000 citizens benefit from all the amenities that has a city of this importance. Especially the central location in the west of Germany with an excellent connection via the international airport Dusseldorf makes the city a real audience magnet. The town is heavily influenced by the different cultures, so, for example, in Dusseldorf settled the largest Japanese community in Germany and has left its mark. You can have a good impression in the Japanese garden, wich is located a few meters away from our city apartments in Golzheim. The internationality and the rich cultural make Dusseldorf unique.


Although today's architecture is modern and with flashy forms, almost the city of Dusseldorf is over 700 years old. 1288 Dusseldorf got the town charter, although it was a small collection of houses along a single street. But in earlier times it was recognized the exposed location of the city on the banks of the Rhine and built however from the infrastructure. Make a walk through the streets with open eyes who discovers here and there even the remains of monumental architecture. At Castle Square, for example, the rest of a castle is located that the lords of Berg , namesake of the "Bergische Land", built there where the Düssel flows into the Rhine 600 years ago. However, in 1872 a fire devoured the walls, leaving only the still visible small part of the castle with the tower.


A culture of a different kind is maintained in Düsseldorf's Old Town, the world's longest bar. Bars, restaurants and pubs close strung together and make every day in thousands of visitors for socializing and fun. After a hard day on the main shopping streets of Dusseldorf you can quench your thirst with an Alt-beer here.


For business Dusseldorf is an international magnet of economic power and political decisions. The parliament determines the direction in NRW, the most populous state of Germany. Many business enterprises, associations and institutions are interested in a lively international exchange. This interest is  fulfilled by the Düsseldorf fair in the north of the city near the airport. Some of Europe's largest trade fairs take place there that attract every year millions of visitors.

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