The old town of Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf has a total of 50 city districts, and the old town, located directly on the banks of the Rhine, is almost the second smallest. Only 1932 inhabitants are registered here on 0.48 km² and who has experienced the wispy, the voices and the long nights at the weekend once, can also imagine that not too many people find their peace there. The Old Town is the "place to be" for visitors, beauties and celebrations.


As a historical, political and cultural center of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city hall of Dusseldorf, the art collection of the State of NRW and the academy of arts are located in the Old Town. The main part of the Old Town is a pedestrian zone, so you can easily walk between the shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. The title of the "longest bar in the world" is due to the fact that more than 300 gastronomic establishments have settled on the almost 0.5 km² and that the “Altbier” does not flow anywhere else.


Dusseldorf was mentioned for the first time in 1159 AD by Pope Urban IV and today's old town can safely be regarded as the germ cell of the Rhine metropolis. When Dusseldorf received the city rights in 1288, only a few streets and lanes were built, approximately in the area between “Krämerstraße”, “Altestraße”, “Liefergasse” and the river Dussel.

In the following centuries the development developed rapidly and the old town grew beyond its original borders. The historical core remained fortunately to this day, also, after in the Second World War large parts of the old town were destroyed. The Dusseldorf architects rebuilt the buildings at the same location and with a historic facade.


Today the Rhine promenade is a highlight. On sunny days thousands walk along the banks of the Rhine and enjoy the special flair or an “Altbier” (Old beer) in the casemates, the bars in the former shipyards. If you want to experience the full life in the evening, you have to go to “Bolkestraße”.


From our apartments, the old town is easily accessible by metro. The lines U78 and U79 stop directly at the "Heinrich-Heine-Allee", the entrance gate to the old town of Düsseldorf. We wish you lots of fun!