Shopping in Dusseldorf

Chic, partly futuristic, mostly expensive – this is the “Königsalle” in Dusseldorf For many visitors, it is the quintessence of shopping that burdens the purse. The Kö has a lot more to offer, which we do not want to withhold our guests.


The “Königsallee” runs in the north-south direction across the inner city of Düsseldorf and forms one of the numerous shopping streets in the state capital of NRW. The wide boulevard is particularly beautiful, when the wiggle is the largest and one sits in sunshine on one of the park benches in the middle. With four sidewalks, two along the middle trench and one on each of the sides, the Kö creates a flair reminiscent of the big cities like Paris, Milan or Madrid. And so are the prices in many stores. From Burberry, via Tiffanys, Prada, Bulgari, Montblanc or Gucci it goes to Chanel and Armani. The density of luxury brands is just as high as on the New Bond Street in London and is thus top in a European comparison! Especially the east side of “Königsallee” in Dusseldorf knows how to shine with the noble brands and attracts the appropriate clientele. But whoever believes that there would be nothing for "normalists" is wrong. Meanwhile, a variety of fashion chains, shopping malls and retailers have settled at the “Kö”.


The history of the magnificent boulevards is exciting and deserves a closer look. When France and the Holy Roman Empire concluded a peace treaty in 1801, they agreed not to rebuild the city walls and instead to set up a moat. Said and done! Water builders, master builders and landscape architects set about building a 30-meter-wide and 1,000-meter-long trench, which is still fed by the triton-fountain at the northern end. The roads to the west and east of the bank are today the Kö.


We recommend our guests to experience this flair at “Königsallee” once and to get carried away by the masses of shopping queens (and kings). With the U78 and U 79 you can easily get from our apartments to the station “Steinstraße / Königsallee” or you are already a stop before the “Heinrich-Heine-Allee” into the turmoil. Whether luxury brand, book, electronics or quite normal shopping, on the “Königsallee” all wishes are fulfilled.